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Mendis Aesthetics Face & Body Sunscreen Cleanser (100ml)

Mendis Aesthetics Face & Body Sunscreen Cleanser (100ml)

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Protection against UVA & UVB can now be easily applied while cleansing your skin.

This FDA APPROVED REVOLUTIONARY QUANTASPHERE® ENCAPSULATED SUNSCREEN provides an all-day layer of sun protection in one easy step.

Additionally, this sunscreen cleanser is infused with 6 powerful antioxidants that have anti-aging benefits plus conditioners which leave your skin supple and soft with no greasy residue.


- Water Resistant for 80 minutes
- Infused with antioxidants and conditioner: Raspberry, Pomegrante, Cranberry, Grape-Seed, Burdock Root, Green Tea Seed Oil
- Protects skin areas not typically covered by sunscreen, such as: neck, ear and arms
- Paraben Free and Hypoallergenic tests conducted

Apply liberally to wet skin for all sun exposed areas, lather well, rinse and pat dry.

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