Thermage: What It Does

January 9, 2020

Aesthetic Singapore: Thermage CPT (Comfort Pulse Technology) is widely regarded as one of the safest and most sought after treatments by our clients. An explanation of the science behind the procedure is in our explanatory video below:


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1. Explanation of procedure

Thermage utilises energy waves in the radiofrequency spectrum to work below the surface of the skin and address a wide range of skin imperfections. Thermage is non-surgical so no incisions or piercings are made in the skin for the treatment. Thermage can be used to treat wrinkly and uneven skin (including jowls), define features more prominently, and smooth and tone bulges and wrinkles. Thermage is suitable for both the face and body and can be used to treat large areas as well as more targeted, small localised areas.


2. FAQ with doctor on procedure

a) Dr. Mendis, how long have you been performing Thermage treatments?
I have been performing Thermage treatments for over 12 years.