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Connoisseur Of Beauty

Beauty is synonymous with art. Men today pursue it as fervently as women do. Many know that beauty Comes with a price but has it crossed their mind that wholistic beauty is priceless? We approached Dr Rohan Mendis of Mendis Aesthetics & Surgery to enlighten us on our eternal quest for beauty. -By Anthony Koh Waugh

Form and art have inspired you to pursue the field of beauty and aesthetics. Share with us the whos and whats that have influenced you.

The Italian Renaissance masters Michelangelo and Leonardo Da Vinci have greatly influenced my aesthetic definition of beauty. Michelangelo’s Statue Of David and his anatomical drawings were of key focus for me. Leonardo Da Vinci’s amazing ability to merge the arts and sciences in his works, including the iconic Vitruvian Man sketch, which is the logo of my clinic, and the Mona Lisa, have always been on the top of my list.

Both men were interested in science, architecture and the beauty of the human form, which are the main areas of interest for me as an aesthetics doctor. This is why Leonardo’s Vitruvian Man is represented in the logo of my clinic. My life’s work is the merging of art and medical science.

As a physician, I was greatly influenced by the renown Brazilian plastic surgeon, Ivo Pitanguay. I had the pleasure of working at his clinic for a week in Brazil living in such a wonderful country where people are so carefree and happy.

What do you think modern male beauty should encompass and how do you apply the ideal to yourself?

Holistic health is the central focus for all beauty, whether male or female. Real beauty radiates from within, from the Smile of genuine happiness, a healthy body that is nourished with a balanced diet and physical strength from regular exercise. Impeccable grooming and confidence are also big factors for sex appeal for men. This is the foundation for my lifestyle, and for anyone who wishes to achieve their ideal aesthetic potential.

Your aesthetic clinic is the first in Singapore to adopt Exilis technology that combines thermal energy, ultrasound technology and radio frequency waves in cosmetic improvement. What led you to pioneer the use of Exilis?


I attend multiple industry conferences every year to be updated with the latest technology and techniques. In 2011, I attended a conference in Seoul and I was so impressed by the technology of multiple concurrent applications for lifting, tightening and fat draining for the face and body. I knew that this was a breakthrough and that it would deliver real results in a short period of time.

ls it true that your clinic offers 3D imaging technology that can capture how a patient look like in 3D after a procedure?

Yes. It is a technology I acquired last year.

Exilis is a relatively new aesthetic technology. What are the common concerns of your first-time patient?

Most patients are concerned with pain and downtime, however, the Exilis is so advanced, the experience is like a pleasant warm massage and you and walk out the door and resume regular activity right away.

How does 3D imaging help patient during consultation?

Using 3D imaging technology, can now show my patients exactly where and how their treatment benefits will look like so they can understand what I envision as the best possible results for their treatment recommendation. This visual component to my explanation makes it easier to understand for my patients.

In term of body shaping, What are the differences in benefit between Exilis and UltraShape?

Exilis reduces fat circumference and it also tightens the skin. This in combination produces amazing results. UltraShape would be used for more dense areas of fat accumulation in the body. I would start with UltraShape for dense fatty areas, then recommend Exilis to tighten the skin of the area.

You also help your patient to look younger with treatments like Botox, Fillers, Thermage and Mosaic Skin Regeneration to name a few. Besides regular aesthetic maintenance treatment, what factors help to slow down ageing?

Regular exercise, a balanced diet, healthy personal relationships and meditation also slows down ageing. The daily use of my skin care products is also important. Good skincare makes a huge difference in how one ages.

You also offer dietary and fitness consultation on top of your cosmetic procedures. Tell us more about these services.

I tailor a suitable dietary plan after getting my clients to fill up a food log and studying it. I also structure a Fitness program (with the help of a team of personal trainers who I work closely with) for all clients who are keen to embark on the wholistic approach to beauty.

The classic, The Picture of Dorian Gray tells the tale of the extreme price one pays for everlasting beauty. Do you think people should exercise limit in their pursuit of beauty?

The Picture Dorian Gray is about unhealthy obsession. I think that people should make a holistically balanced approach to managing their aesthetic desires. In my Clinic, I always set natural and realistic goals and it only takes a small improvement on any face to transform them. It is the subtle improvements with the skill of medical care that makes all the difference.

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