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There is an increasing demand for men’s aesthetic treatments. Stress at work, sleepless nights, smoking and aging have prompted men to seek help to rejuvenate their skin.


One of the key objectives for men when they present to our clinic for aesthetic treatments is to look:

  1. Less tired 

  2. More attractive 

  3. More masculine


Looking less tired is a priority as it makes a man look more vibrant and strong. 

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Tiredness tends to arise in males typically from the age of 35 onwards. It usually shows around the eye area with sagging, lines and dark rings. It also shows in the jawline or sub-mental region with double chin or jowls. This compromises the integrity of the Jawline strength and therefore de-masculinizes the client. 

Our goal is to enhance our male patients and make them younger, looking more dominant and assertive.

Just as men should have strong muscles in their body, certain muscles in the face should be more defined, such as having a good angle of the jaw for a strong jawline.


  1. Acne – Transdermal Facial / Laser, Intensive Night Repair Cream

  2. Acnes Scars – Laser + Rejuran, HIFU, Intensive Night Repair Cream

  3. Pigmentation – Laser + Cyspera, Crystal Tomato, Heliocare

  4. Dull Complexion – HA Facial / Chemical Peel, Profhilo, Laser

  5. Hair Loss – Nourkrin, Laser Hair Treatment, Shampoo, Hair Loss Tonic

  6. Forehead, Crow's Feet & Glabella Lines – Botox

  7. Sagging Face – Thermage, EmfaceHIFU

  8. Nasolabial Lines – Dermal Fillers, EmFace, HIFU, Thermage

  9. Marionette Lines – Dermal Fillers, EmFace, HIFU, Thermage

  10. Cheekbones – Dermal Fillers, EmFace

  11. Droopy Eyebrows + Eyelids – EmFace, Thermage Eye

  12. Jawlines – HIFU, EmFace

  13. Dark eye circles – Dermal Fillers, Rejuran, Profhilo

  14. Jowls – HIFU, Emface

  15. Double Chin – HIFU, Thermage

  16. Droopy Eyelids – Thermage Eyes, Emface 

  17. Hyperhydrosis – Botox (Sweaty Palms & Underarms)

  18. Body Contouring – Emsculpt NEO, Edge, Exilis 

The 21st century is no longer the era when beauty only caters to only women.

Contact us for an appointment.

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