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Laser Hair Therapy With Growth Factors

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In Relation To:

  • Hair loss

  • Alopecia (baldness)

  • Androgenic Alopecia (baldness)

  • Alopecia Areata (spot baldness)

  • Hair Thickening

  • Hair Growth

Mosaic Fractional Laser For Alopecia (Baldness)

Fractional laser is a state-of-the-art laser technology used in aesthetic dermatology. The Mosaic fractional laser stimulates scalp revitalisation and encourages the regeneration and growth of hair bulbs. Studies conducted with the use of the Mosaic laser confirm that the irradiation promotes hair growth and thickening.

The laser is designed for therapies against such disorders as alopecia (balding), alopecia areata, androgenic alopecia or more intensive hair loss (other applications can be found below).

Mosaic Fractional Laser To Stimulate Hair Growth

The Mosaic fractional laser, when used on hairless skin, stimulates the formation of new cells and hair bulbs, increases the nourishment and blood supply to the given area, inhibits the hair-dying phase and stimulates the hair growth cycle.

The laser microbeams penetrate deeply into the skin which starts to create new cells. As a result, the damaged and weak fragments are forced out and the skin can naturally produce new hair bulbs.

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Mosaic Fractional Laser Treatment Procedure

  • Fractional laser is minimally invasive

  • During treatment, the laser does not eliminate any skin tissues. The beam does not damage hair follicles, nor does it cut them off. It is also gentle on the epidermis, thereby ensuring that a rapid healing process begins immediately after the treatment. The epidermis forms a natural dressing and the skin is fully healed after 24 hours.

  • The Mosaic fractional laser is used to treat all types of alopecia (baldness), in both men and women. It is a completely safe and state-of-the-art technology available in medicine. The Mosaic fractional laser does not cause any permanent adverse effects and requires no special daily care of the scalp. Patients can return to their regular activities right away.

  • Prior to the procedure, the skin is thoroughly cleaned. Patients experience pricking sensations caused by the microbeams emitted by the laser. The sensations are well tolerated.

  • During the procedure, the skin is cooled by cold air, which additionally relieves the discomfort experienced by the patient. 

How Does The Mosaic Fractional Laser Work?

  • The Mosaic fractional laser produces an immediate effect of hair bulb stimulation. However, visible hair thickening or hair growth on bald patches takes a few months and are related to the normal hair growth cycle.

  • The laser therapy for hair bulb stimulation may be combined with other methods promoting hair growth. In order to achieve satisfying improvement, it is necessary to undergo the treatments for at least 3 months, at one week intervals.

Hair Salon

Potential Risks

  • The client may notice mild redness and/or swelling on the treated areas of the skin.

  • This will gradually subside within hours.

  • Also, the skin may rarely be pinkish for a couple of days.

  • During this time, there may be mild flaking of the skin.

  • Who is suitable for the Laser Hair Treatment?​

The hair growth laser benefits a large range of people, ranging from androgenic alopecia, the most common type of hair loss or other forms of hair loss such as hormone-related to pregnancy-related causes. It can also benefit even more rare causes of hair loss such as autoimmune hair loss.

It is also suitable for both male and female patients as the laser will be effective for both groups. Contact us to find out more.


  • Is there any downtime?

This is a painless procedure with no numbing required. The treatment itself also does not cause any downtime and patients can go home and continue with daily activities as per normal. Hair washing also continues as per normal, making it a fuss-free, simple and safe procedure.


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