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Calecim Professional Stem Cell Facial


What Is A Stem Cell Facial?

Everything You Need To Know


At Mendis Aesthetics, we are dedicated to making safe and effective aesthetic treatments accessible to everyone. We offer a wide variety of treatments to ensure each client receives a personalized and effective solution. We understand that dealing with dull, congested, or acne-prone skin can impact your confidence and prevent you from feeling your best.

To address these concerns, we have developed our Stem Cell Facial treatment. This innovative treatment includes the Calecim Professional stem cell serum to rejuvenate dull, aging, or congested skin. Our goal is to help our clients feel incredible with minimal downtime.

About Calecim Professional Stem Cell Facial Treatment

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Calecim Professional is the latest breakthrough in stem cell innovation in the UK skincare market, delivering remarkable rejuvenating and anti-aging results. This advanced serum is formulated using stem cells ethically and harmlessly harvested from the umbilical cord lining of New Zealand red deer.


This process ensures the serum contains the most potent and active growth factors, allowing the skin to fully benefit from stem cell treatment.

At Mendis Aesthetics, we incorporate Calecim Professional in our stem cell treatments due to its cruelty-free, ethical, and highly effective formula, which offers significant benefits to our patients. By sourcing stem cells from the cord lining, Calecim Professional serum provides the highest concentration of stem cells found in any tissues, ensuring safe extraction without harming any living creatures.

The stem cells in the cord lining secrete a mix of proteins, growth factors, and cytokines. The proteins strengthen the tissues in the deeper layers of the skin and enhance collagen production, giving the skin elasticity and strength. Growth factors increase cell turnover within the skin, ensuring a consistently beautiful and fresh appearance. The enhanced rate of skin rejuvenation also reduces visible signs of aging, smoothing the skin and diminishing fine lines and wrinkles. Cytokines further boost skin cell turnover and improve the overall condition and health of the skin.

This powerful stem cell mixture, combined with the skin’s increased absorption capacity after plasma treatment, promotes skin repair and rejuvenation, restoring a youthful appearance. It enhances glycoproteins like hyaluronic acid (HA) in the skin, aiding in plumping and hydrating, reducing signs of aging, and effectively treating dry skin. Stem cell facial treatments also encourage cell mobility, such as directing cells towards a wound for healing, making it an excellent solution for scarring. During wound healing, skin cells are activated to divide or self-destruct, restoring cell health and increasing epidermal cell turnover.

Applying Sheet Mask
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