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HA Hydrating Facial

In Relation To:

  • Skin Hydration

  • Improvement of Skin Quality

  • Increase Skin Tone & Brightness

  • Ageing Skin

Triple Active Hyaluronic products are different sized molecules, that penetrate different skin layers and release its effects there. 

It increases the moisture levels in the various skin layers and acts as a filler for intensive wrinkle smoothening. It also boosts cell renewal and protects against harmful environmental influences and free radicals.

HA Hydrating Facial Treatment Procedure

 Multiple steps that include:

  • Extraction Scrub & Massage

  • 3 Masks (triple active hyaluronic)

  • Luxurious Relaxation Techniques with Active Ingredients

Active Ingredients Include:

  • High Molecular Hyaluronic

These molecules act at skin surface level, forming a light, flexible film, which reduces trans-epidermal loss of water and fills small wrinkles.

  • Low Molecular Hyaluronic

These lower size molecules allow penetration of the skin barrier and act as moisture depots. The inter-cellular moisture is revitalized, wrinkles are filled from within. 

  • Lyposomal Encapsulated Hyaluronic

The Hyaluronic has been embedded in a transport system which can penetrate easily into the deeper skin layers, thus having a unique, plumping effect.

  • Squalene

A well tolerable oil, which is extracted from olives which is easily absorbed and smooths the rough and cracked skin.

  • Grape Seed Oil

Cold pressed oil from the seeds of the grape which contains up to 90% of unsaturated fatty acids and has extraordinary antioxidant cell membrane protecting properties.

  • Glucose (Polysaccharide)

Which forms a tightening, invisible and permeable moisture grid on the skin. This quick and lasting lifting effect smooths the skin surface and plumps the fine lines and small wrinkles.


Potential Risks


  • Is the HA Hydrating Facial Healthy and Safe?

Yes, this treatment is completely safe.

  • Are there any side effects?

There are no side effects for all skin types to this facial.

  • What are the visible results of HA Hydrating Facials?

Youthful, plumped, hydrated and brighter skin.


Questions & Answers

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