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Nourkrin Hair Growth Supplement

Nourkrin Hair Growth Supplement

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Expert's Top Choice For Hair Preservation & Healthy Growth

• More than 100 published scientific studies
• 30 years of clinical development
• Safe and side-effect-free
• 100% drug-free

Backed by more than 30 years of clinical research and over 100 published clinical papers, HairGrowth+ inCLINIC by Nourkrin® is a clinically proven Proteoglycan Replacement Therapy for thetreatment of all types of hair loss. It is indicated as a primary monotherapy or in combination withother medications.


  • Treatment of all stages of Male & Female Pattern Hair Loss
  • Treatment of Acute and Chronic Telogen Effluvium
  • Prevention of hair loss in individuals with strong genetic disposition for hair loss


Hair Growth+ inCLINIC by Nourkrin® is formulated with Marilex®-P, which is obtained through aproprietary extraction process from fractionated fish extract. It has high ratios of specific bioactiveproteoglycans which replenish proteoglycans during the Anagen phase and prevent follicularminiaturisation.

  • Key Functional Proteoglycans

    • Versican: performs EGF-like activity for Anagen initiation and maintains growth of hair fiber by continuous Wnt stimulation
    • Decorin: blocks TGF-ß1, a potent apoptosis and Catagen inducer
    • Syndecan: promotes cell signaling that induces and maintains growth of the hair shaft and the inner root sheath
  • Other Key Ingredients

    • Silica: lowers rate of hair loss and increases hair brightness
    • Biotin: promotes hair growth and reduces hair shedding
  • Dosage

    • TO ACTIVATE HAIR GROWTH: Two tablets in the morning and one in the evening, preferably after food. Minimum duration of therapy is 4-6 months. Thereafter a reduced-dose therapy should be followed, according to the Maintenance dosage below.


    • TO MAINTAIN HAIR GROWTH: One tablet per day to be taken orally, preferably after food. Should hair growth need an additional boost, switch back to the Activation dosage above for the recommended minimum duration.
  • Precautions

    Should not be consumed by patients who are allergic to fish.

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