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Achieving Male Beauty

Beauty is something commonly associated with the fairer gender. In this day and age, however, men no longer hide their desire for bodily perfection and in fact actively pursue it. Dr Rohan Mendis of Mendis Aesthetics & Surgery tells us more about the male pursuit of body Shaping. -By Daniel Tay

What are the different concerns between men and women about their body shape?

Many of my male and female Clients are business executives who spend most of their time either on their smartphones, blackberries, or at their desk. Many experience a new aging phenomenon called, “smart phone face”, Which are signs of premature aging caused by bending the neck and chin forward to read mobiles devices. This causes the enlarged double chin and deepening of the naso labial lines. I use Exilis treatments to drain the excess fat that accumulates in these areas, While tightening of the skin with Thermage.

For the body, my male clients are mostly concerned with excess weight in the tummy and love handles. My female clients are concerned mostly with achieving an hourglass figure, with focus on the arms, stomach, thighs and saddle bags.

What type of men tend to seek body shaping treatments more often?

I treat men from the age of 30+, who understand the need to look their best in order to gain a competitive advantage in the workplace. My clients work in all industries that involve social interaction, from business, entertainment, politics and fitness.

For men using UltraShape®, how successful do they usually find it?

The UltraShape® treatment is very effective, as it sheds a minimum of 5cm of fat after just three or four painless treatments, with Zero downtime.

In what cases would you recommend a patient not to use UltraShape® and try another treatment instead?

I meet my client to assess their overall lifestyle, health, and physical goals. I see every patient at their best potential and how I can treat them effectively. Physical beauty is not just a quick-fix – it is a holistic approach, where diet, exercise and lifestyle are the foundation to looking your best. It depends on the patient’s current physical condition that determines my recommendation for all treatments.

Most men have problem staying in shape. As an aesthetic specialist, what advice would you give them?

I advise them to eat a balanced diet, limit alcohol consumption, drink plenty of water and exercise regularly. In order to further increase their confidence, a combination of this lifestyle modification with fat reducing technology gives them a quick, visible result – this motivates them to keep on with their regime.

Do you find that there is still a social stigma among Asians in general with regards to the use of aesthetic treatment for body shaping?

No there is very little social stigma to using such treatments and it is now considered as a form of self-grooming.

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I imagine many of your first-time patients would be apprehensive about the treatment. How do you walk them through the whole process?

I listen to my patients and understand their needs. I take my time with each individual, and explain the procedures and expected results to them clearly and also show them video clips of the procedure. All of my treatments are non-invasive and pain-free so I make each individual feel comfortable.

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