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Why You Should Consider A Chemical Peel

Chemical Peels Singapore - Based on the use of gentle, effective exfoliating solutions, chemical peels Singapore remove the damaged outer layers of the skin and stimulate healthy re-growth through the body's own natural regenerative processes. This aesthetic treatment is an excellent way to keep your skin texture and tone, fresh and bright.

Wrinkles And Fine Lines

Chemical peels Singapore are a well-known skin therapy that can help to reduce or eliminate the appearance of skin imperfections like wrinkles and fine lines. In general, patients only feel a mild stinging sensation during light or medium chemical peels.

Hyper-pigmentation And Dull Toned Skin

Hyper-pigmentation occurs when melanin is overproduced in certain spots on the skin, and results in dark patches of skin and dull skin tones. Using chemical peels Singapore can help to drastically reduce this unwanted skin condition and make your skin look more even-toned.

Acne and Scars

Often a longer term issue with most people, acne and acne scars can be a big concern, especially if they are extensive, and noticeable. After any chemical peels Singapore, the treated layers of skin gradually and gently flake away, revealing a fresh new layer of skin.

Ageing Skin

The lighter, superficial chemical peels Singapore refresh the outer layer of the skin - the epidermis. Medium to deeper peels will generally build a little collagen in the superficial dermis where the collagen, living cells are situated.

Sun Damaged Skin

We all know the drill - always wear sunscreen to protect your face and body before you leave the house. Even if you are thorough with your application and re-application, your skin will suffer some effects from the sun.

Chemical peels Singapore are a safe, effective way to treat sun-damaged skin, and get back a healthy glow.

Look Better, Feel Better, Be Better

Mendis Aesthetics offers non-surgical, non-invasive Aesthetic treatment options.

With over 20 years in achieving aesthetic excellence, book an Appointment with us to learn more.

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