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Why Emsculpt Neo Is The Best In The Market

Emsculpt Neo - Who doesn’t love a new, revolutionary treatment that offers more defined results for less time and money? Achieve your best possible aesthetic goals with Mendis Aesthetics and the Emsculpt Neo treatment. This upgraded method offers the latest advanced, technological device that helps you with body sculpting and contouring specific areas on your body.

Read on to find our why this treatment is the best in the market, and also most often chosen by clients looking to both reduce fat and gain muscle.

What is Emsculpt Neo?

This groundbreaking treatment combines 2 procedures to offer you the best results you can imagine. Emsculpt Neo includes both radio frequency heating for fat breakdown, as well as high-intensity focused electromagnetic waves for muscle warm-up. It is the first ever FDA cleared procedure to combine these methods into a single treatment, to simultaneously melt fat while building muscle.

More For Less

Who doesn’t love a bargain? Get more out of one session of Emsculpt Neo than other similar treatments in the aesthetic market. This procedure promises more fat elimination, higher muscle growth, is fit for clients with a higher BMI index, and can be more customisable to your specific body needs and desires.

Speak to Dr Mendis today to start your journey in creating your envisioned body contouring results for any of these areas: tummy, buttocks, arms, love handles, thighs or calves.

The Science Says It All

Emsculpt Neo is backed by histology, ultrasound, CT Scans and MRIs. Clinical studies show an average of 30% fat reduction and 25% increase in muscle mass. The radio frequency heating results in permanent fat cell death, and also allows increased blood flow which induces further breakdown of fat cells.

Compare Results

While there are currently treatments available that offer fat reduction as a promised result, none shown to deliver such a high percentage of average fat reduction in clients. HIFU offers an average of 12.3% in fat reduction, while laser procedures can guarantee up to 15.2%. Even treatments like Cryolipolysis can results of 22.4%.

Emscuplt Neo has shown to provide up an average fat reduction of 29.8% in clients.

Hear From Clients

The best way to confirm how excellent any treatment is, is to hear the testimonies of those who have done the Emsculpt Neo treatments, and got the results they were looking for. One of the top benefits of this procedure is how quick and effective it is - perfect for those who are busy individuals. Watch to find out what people love best about Emsculpt Neo here.


Get An Added Boost To Look Even Better Aesthetically

Emsculpt Neo is now the first ever FDA cleared procedure to combine the two procedures into a single treatment and simultaneously melt fat while building muscle.

Click here to make an appointment for your non-obligatory, complimentary consultation with Mendis Aesthetics today.

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