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Rejuran Treatment: Questions To Ask For Beginners

Rejuran Singapore - For first-timers about to get their Rejuran treatment, it can be quite anxiety-ridden because you have no idea what to expect. But before you unnecessarily stress out over what is a relatively safe procedure, here are some questions you can ask your doctor administering the Rejuran Singapore treatment to keep your worries at bay:

What are the benefits of Rejuran and how long does it take for results to show?

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Skin problems such as erythema or redness would usually resolve after two weeks from your last Rejuran Singapore treatment and you will also see improvement in skin elasticity as well as tighter, lifted skin due to collagen synthesis. In addition, your skin will have balanced sebum and hydration levels, reduced appearances of scars and open pores, and a reduction of hyperpigmentation.

How fast is the Rejuran treatment and what can be done post-treatment?