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Beginner's Guide To Thermage

Thermage - Aesthetic Treatments like Thermage, Profhilo Singapore, and Rejuran Singapore are often sold and thus treated as luxury beauty procedures, often with a higher price tag than regular beauty treatments like facials. While these treatments do often come with a slightly heavier price than regular beauty treatments like Facials, they are also much more effective with the results they can provide.

One such treatment is Thermage - a clinically proven, FDA-approved non-invasive therapy that remodels collagen in your body, and stimulates your body’s own natural renewal process to firm, life, contour and rejuvenate the skin.

If it’s the first time you are about to experience this popular treatment or you are simply considering doing so in the near future, read on for what to take note of.

Do Your Research

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Doing your research on Thermage before you step into your doctor’s office is so important. Different types of skin (at different ages) require different types of treatments and procedures - this is true of all aesthetic treatments. It is important to know that one size does not fit all. Ask around for personal recommendations, look up your preferred doctor or aesthetic clinic online, and don’t be afraid to take your time.

Thermage is a skin tightening procedure that can help to enhance areas on your eyes, face and body. Which areas of your body do you find that this treatment can really impact and make a difference with? Come to your consultation ready to ask your doctor your questions.

The Consultation

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Any good consultation for Thermage will leave you with more knowledge on your skin and body condition, and which areas would work best for you. A professional doctor will be happy to answer all your questions, and quell any concerns you might have.

Depending on your end goal, Thermage can treat a variety of skin concerns, from sagging skin or unwanted bulges after pregnancy or weight loss, to excess skin on the eyelids, to a lack of definition in your jawline. Book your consultation with Dr Mendis of Mendis Aesthetics today!

What’s Your Budget

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Plan out your budget for your Thermage treatments. Generally, a single Thermage session produces considerable results in the majority of patients. This means that you get more out of one session, compared to other similar treatments that might requires more sessions to see the same effects.

Everyone can expect some collagen tightening. You will also experience an overall smoothening of the skin on your face and body, as well as softening of your wrinkles and lines.

Natural & Youthful

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As you age, the collagen in your skin breaks down, resulting in wrinkles and sagging skin forming. Thermage uses patented radio-frequency technology to safely heat up collagen fibres in your skin and underlying tissues. The new and remodelled collagen that is produced further tightens the skin and renews facial contours.

This treatment is great for those who want combat areas on their face and body that are wrinkled and sagging, for a more natural, youthful look again.


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Thermage has over 10 historical years of safety, and negative reactions to the procedure are rare. Anaesthetic cream is applied prior to the treatment and with new vibration technologies that have been introduced, most clients find the sessions comfortable.

There might be some redness after your treatment, which will dissipate soon after. Talk to your doctor if you have any concerns.


Get An Added Boost To Look Even Better Aesthetically

Thermage is a clinically proven, FDA approved non-invasive therapy. Thermage delivers a smoother, tighter skin, redefining contours, smoothing lines and wrinkles.

Click here to make an appointment for your non-obligatory, complimentary consultation with Mendis Aesthetics today.

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