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How UltraShape Removes Stubborn Fat

Aesthetic Singapore: Ultrashape is the minimally invasive alternative to traditional liposuction, whereby it focuses on certain areas of your body with stubborn fat that do not respond well to diet and exercise. For many years, the foremost available aesthetic clinic treatment for such conditions was an invasive procedure called liposuction, or, lipo surgery.

  • Lipo surgery requires you to be put under local, regional or general anesthesia.

  • A puncture will be made in your skin and fat will be surgically removed from your body.

  • Recovery time can be between a few days to weeks from the surgery and a few weeks to months to being able to carry out all usual activities.


Mendis Aesthetics offers non-surgical, non-invasive fat reduction treatment.

With over 16 years experience, Book an Appointment with us to learn more.


Now, instead of liposuction surgery,

Dr. Mendis offers a non-surgical, fat reduction treatment called UltraShape™.

Using breakthrough patented ultrasound technology to break down unwanted fat cells, this fat cell breakdown process is done without affecting any of the surrounding tissues.

As the procedure is non-surgical, there are no forms of anesthesia, no incisions and minimal downtime after surgery.

Following treatment, the body’s natural metabolic process is utilized to safely clear away the disrupted fat cells, giving you the most natural results. UltraShape™ is ideal for treating multiple areas such as the abdomen, love handles and thighs.

For information on Ultrashape™ and how we can help you achieve the body you want, make an appointment with us. Dr. Mendis believes in a personal and consultative approach to all clients.

Click here to schedule a callback from our friendly team.

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