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Achieve A V-Shape Face Without Surgery

There are several components which give our face its shape. One of them is our face’s bone structure. On top of this bone structure rests our facial muscles which are used for speaking, chewing food and making facial expressions. Fat exists above these muscles to give the face its final shape. If this fat is excessive, the face appears round and chubby. In some people, this fat is particularly hard to get rid of, even if the rest of their body does not have much fat deposits.


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A square face is caused because of the masseter muscles. The masseters are muscles which exist on both sides of the face, above the jawline. These muscles assist in chewing and, as with other muscles in the body, as they are used more, they grow. Having large masseter muscles causes the face to look angular and masculine. Large masseter muscles are especially common in people who grind their teeth.

An excellent non-surgical and non-invasive option to achieve a V-shape face or heart shape face is the Exilis treatment. Unlike many treatments which are used to achieve a V-shape or heart shaped face, in Exilis treatment, there is no use of anesthesia, gels, creams, numbing agents, needles and no downtime. The treatment works by utilizing a sophisticated combination of focused radio frequency waves, thermal energy and ultrasound technology which reshapes the face and body. In addition, Exilis treatment smoothens wrinkles and improves skin laxity.

Exilis procedure

The treatment takes less than an hour and you can apply make-up and go back to work right after the treatment.

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