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Non-Surgical Aesthetics Procedures

At Mendis Aesthetics, we often gets calls and questions around our non-surgical procedures. The top 3 questions we are asked (as you can see on our FAQ too) is what the real meaning of “non-surgical” procedure is, whether these non-surgical procedures are effective and the types of concerns that can be addressed by non-surgical procedures.

To address these questions, we have decided to do a series of blog posts around non-surgical aesthetics treatments.

For our first post, we will cover non-surgical aesthetics in general. In our subsequent posts, we will focus on specific procedures and explain them in detail. If you have any questions on the treatments, please call us at 6235 1728 or e-mail us at


Mendis Aesthetics offers non-surgical, non-invasive Aesthetic treatments.

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1) What are non-surgical cosmetic procedures? At its core, non-surgical cosmetic procedures are procedures to enhance how you look without incision or damage to the skin. The specific method that is used by the treatment to result in the desired outcome differs from treatment to treatment. For example, in a) Thermage, radiofrequency waves of a specific wavelength are used to target loose skin b) Laser Skin Regeneration, lasers are used to stimulate collagen production c) Exilis, ultrasound waves are utilised to target excessive fat

Dr. Mendis offers a variety of non-surgical cosmetic procedures and constantly adds new non-surgical procedures to the service offerings. Dr. Mendis is a firm believer of non-surgical cosmetic procedures because, after consulting with numerous patients over 16 years, he realises that many people who would like to improve their appearance are busy professionals and homemakers with hectic personal lives and prefer non-surgical procedures as there is minimal downtime, if any.

2) Are non-surgical procedures effective? We are often asked around the effectiveness of non-surgical procedures and whether these procedures can achieve similar results to a nip and tuck. Many doctors and researchers have carried out studies to assess the effectiveness of non-surgical procedures and we have found that patient response is very positive, especially as there is minimal or no downtime and risk associated with the procedures.

3) Types of concerns that can be addressed by non-surgical procedures Depending on your specific concern, your medical history and your body type, non-surgical technology can be used to treat a wide range of concerns such as • Acne • Acne Scars • Age Spots • Chin Enhancement • Cheekbones • Double Chin • Dull Skin Tone • Deep Facial Lines • Excessive Fat • Fine Lines • Jowls • Loose Skin • Nose Bridge • Oily Skin • Open Pores • Pigmentation • Sagging Skin • Uneven Skin Tone

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