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The Ultimate Hydration Booster: Profhilo Singapore

Profhilo Singapore - With proven research to show that you can expect a 12 times increase in collagen and elastin production and a 20% increase in skin hydration, Profhilo Singapore is the perfect treatment to hydrate, tighten and improve the quality of your skin. It delivers a higher than average concentration of Hyaluronic Acid with effects that can show up on your skin within one week of your treatment.

Here’s 10 reasons why you should consider Profhilo Singapore.

Boost Collagen

Profhilo Singapore triggers the skin’s natural collagen and elastin production and drastically improves skin elasticity. Collagen helps your skin cells to renew and repair themselves, and also does wonders to keep your skin moist and plump.

Smooth, Consistent Skin

The high Hyaluronic Acid content in Profhilo Singapore allows the product to disperse evenly through the area it is injected, and this reduces any likelihood of lumpiness. What you are left with is hydrated, smooth looking skin that feels moisturised from within.

Not Just For Your Face

Wrinkles, dehydration and loss of skin elasticity are not just concerns for the skin on your face. Profhilo Singapore can be used to treat areas like your next, chest and hands as well.

The Statistics

The prove Profhilo Singapore’s results lies in the numbers: This anti-ageing treatment produces a 12 times increase in collagen and elastin production, a 20% increase in skin hydration and is 8 times more lasting than regular hyaluronic acids.

Quick & Lasting Effects

Effects of Profhilo Singapore can show up as early as 1 week after the treatment, with the optimal impact of the treatment occurring at the 1 month mark. While initial sessions are spaced out 1 to 2 months, it is only recommended to repeat this procedure every 6 months for maintenance.

Results Everyone Wants

This skin injectable bio-stimulate elastic, 4 types of collagen and hydration in the 3 main layers of the skin. It also promises firming, tightening and lifting effects. Who doesn’t want an improved overall skin quality and a boost of hydration?

Low Risks

Profhilo Singapore has little visible side effects as it is composed of 100% pure Hyaluronic Acid. It also requires little to no downtime and has a low probability if causing bruising to the injected areas.

Highest Hyaluronic Concentration

The concentration of Hyaluronic Acid in Profhilo Singapore is about 5 times more than the average skin booster. It also combines Low and High Molecular Weight Hyaluronic Acid, providing the best results possible.

Ideal For Acne Scarring

The high concentration of Hyaluronic Acid also enables dermal tissue repair through the process known as bio-remodeling. Visit your doctor to find out how Profhilo Singapore can help lessen any scars.

Less Is More

Profhilo Singapore requires lesser treatments and a reduced number of injection points for each treatment compared to other similar injectables with the same ingredient profile. Less injections means less discomfort, and quicker results.

Get An Added Boost To Look Even Better Aesthetically

Profhilo Singapore is an anti-aging skin injectable treatment that delivers hyaluronic acid to all the layers of the skin and provides excellent hydration to the skin.

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