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Boost Collagen With Profhilo

Profhilo Singapore - Profhilo is an anti-aging skin injectable treatment provided by Mendis Aesthetics that delivers hyaluronic acid to all the layers of the skin with its clever technology. It works especially well for anyone with signs of ageing skin looking to hydrate, tighten, and improve the quality of their skin.

The Perfect Hydration Booster

Profhilo Singapore triggers the skin’s natural collagen and elastin production to drastically improve skin elasticity. Due to its smooth consistency, it spreads out evenly within the skin layers without causing any lumps.

The winning ability of the Profhilo Singapore its that it works on your skin tissue to improve hydration and skin firmness through collagen production - the best way to reverse the effects of anti-aging.

Highest Concentration In Hyaluronic Acid

The concentration of hyaluronic acid in Profhilo Singapore is about 5 times more than the average skin booster.

Research has shown that you can expect a 12 times increase in collagen and elastin production, a 20% increase in skin hydration, and that this anti-aging treatment is 8 times more lasting than regular hyaluronic acids.

The Good Stuff

Benefits of Profhilo Singapore include:

  • 4 types of collagen and hydration in the 3 main layers of the skin,

  • Firming, tightening & lifting effects

  • Overall skin quality, laxity & hydration

  • Minimal pain & downtime

  • Deep skin hydration

Visible Results

While the effects of the Profhilo Singapore can show up as early as 1 week after the treatment, the optimal impact of the firming, tightening and lifting of the skin can be observed from the 1 month mark.

This intense hydration boost is great for those looking for effective long-term benefits of plump, dewy and young-looking skin.


Get An Added Boost To Look Even Better Aesthetically

Profhilo Singapore is an anti-aging skin injectable treatment that delivers hyaluronic acid to all the layers of the skin and provides excellent hydration to the skin.

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