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Profhilo For Beginners: Everything You Need To Know

Profhilo Singapore - If you have never heard of Profhilo, it is a form of aesthetic treatment that involves injecting high concentrations of HA (hyaluronic acid) directly into the skin to make it more voluminous and versatile. Some great benefits to be had from profhilo Singapore treatments include firmer skin, reduction of sagging skin, revitalizes collagen and elastin, and your skin has a more youthful appearance over time. But if you're still not convinced, here are some things you need to know before you make your first profhilo Singapore appointment:

Is Profhilo the right treatment for you?

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If you're suffering from saggy and dehydrated skin, then profhilo is the best course of treatment. But then again, do you have any sort of adverse reaction to the use of hyaluronic acid prevalent in profhilo Singapore treatments? Or perhaps you have an aversion to needles as a whole? Then you would need to discuss with your chosen specialist on any preferred alternatives to profhilo Singapore that would help rejuvenate your sagging skin.

Choosing the best expert for the job

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Since profhilo is in fact quite a delicate procedure that requires utmost dedication and concentration, you would want to seek out an expert specialist who is proficient at performing profhilo Singapore treatments with high rates of success for their patients. More importantly, these experts have to be well informed about the type of infusion, the amount of HA needed for the procedure and the amount of time per profhilo Singapore treatment each time. The more assured and knowledgeable, the more confident you'd feel that you're in good hands.

Read up on reviews and recommendations

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A key point of note is to look at the reviews and recommendations for profhilo Singapore treatment specialists on Google, via social media or their official website where they list their patient testimonies that are verified as proof of their good work and professionalism. In addition, get in touch with the profhilo Singapore specialist you feel the most comfortable and assured about to find out more about their procedures as well as how they can allay your fears and uncertainties in regards to profhilo treatments.

How the treatment is performed

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The good thing about profhilo Singapore treatments is the relatively short amount of time taken per session. On average, a typical profhilo treatment can last about 30 minutes so if you're already averse to needles please do not worry! Speaking of which, profhilo Singapore treatments usually begin with a desensitizing cream applied to the areas of treatment to numb them before the procedure and the whole treatment is a pleasant experience overall.

How long is the recovery time?

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First thing of note is that profhilo is a relatively minor, non-invasive aesthetic procedure that you won't need to take any personal time off to recover from. However, it is recommended that once you've undergone the profhilo Singapore treatment, it's best not to apply any sort of cosmetics unto the treated areas of skin so as to allow the treatment's effects to occur gradually and naturally. As an addendum, make sure to let your skin breathe and relax while eating a balanced diet, staying hydrated and working out so that your skin can restore its radiant complexion.


Get An Added Boost To Look Even Better Aesthetically

Profhilo Singapore is an anti-aging skin injectable treatment that delivers hyaluronic acid to all the layers of the skin and provides excellent hydration to the skin.

Click here to make an appointment for your non-obligatory, complimentary consultation with Mendis Aesthetics today.

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