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In the last decade, cosmetic enhancement has become extraordinarily advanced with high-tech, painless procedures that produce visible, natural-looking results with minimal downtime. 

Mendis Aesthetics was set up by Dr. Rohan Mendis. With over 16 years of experience in the field of advanced medical aesthetics, and being one of the foremost aesthetic doctors in Singapore, Dr. Mendis is capable of undertaking a wide range of technologically advanced procedures that will help you attain your ideal appearance and slow down the aging process.



Mendis 医疗所由Mendis博士设立。拥有超过16年先进医学美学领域的经验,并且是新加坡最重要的美学医生之一,Mendis博士有能力开展各种技术先进的程序,帮助您实现理想的外观和减缓老化过程。

We recognize the effect physical flaws can have on your sense of self, and we strive to provide services that enable you to face the world with confidence.


We pride ourselves in staying abreast with the newest technology and industry innovations and offer an advanced range of services, helping a wide variety of clients achieve the physical appearance they desire.

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