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5 Ways To Lose Fat Fast

Aesthetic Singapore - Diets, weight loss fads, workout regimens, and exercise plans - the internet can be a maze to navigate to find what works best for you. Learning how to lose fat fast and safely, doesn’t have to be confusing or challenging.

Whether you’re looking to improve your overall health in a sustainable way, or to slim down after loading all that carb from the holidays, there are plenty of simple steps you can take to lose fat fast.

Get More Sleep And Rest

There is a strong correlation between getting enough sleep and weight loss. Having less than five hours of sleep over a period of more than 10 years can drastically alter your weight, and ability to keep the pounds off.

Some studies also show that consistent lack of sleep can affect hunger hormones, increase appetite, and increase your risk of obesity.

Eat More Healthy Fats

What a brilliant, fun way to lose all that fat and allow yourself to look great aesthetically - by swapping out the unhealthy fats in your daily diet with healthy fats.

While unhealthy fats like trans fats increases body fat, waist size and belly fat, healthy fats from foods like olive oil and nuts have been linked to a low-risk of weight gain compared to a low-fat diet.

Just remember to always keep things moderate. Aesthetic Singapore

Choose Healthier Drinks

Choosing less sweetened drinks (soda, coke, juice & even alcohol) is an easy way to burn fat. Studies have shown that consuming both sugar-sweetened beverages and alcohol is associated with a higher risk of visceral fat.

Limiting your intake of sweetened drinks will help reduce overall calories and even keep your waistline in check. Opt for calorie-free beverages like water or green tea (contains caffeine and is rich in antioxidants), both of which may help increase fat burning and enhance metabolism.

Increase your cardio

Aerobic exercise is one of the most regular forms of exercise that trains the heart and lungs. Adding cardio to your routine is an productive ways to enhance fat burning.

Increasing your cardio weekly is a fast way to increase muscle mass and decrease belly fat, waist circumference and body fat and achieve the aesthetic look you desire too.

Trying running, walking, cycling and swimming regularly. aesthetic singapore

Cut down on refined carbs

A diet high in refined carbs has been linked with increased belly fat. Alternatively, a diet high in whole grains has been connected to a lower body mass index, body weight, plus a smaller waist circumference.

Lower your intake of refined carbs from, processed foods, pastas, white breads and breakfast cereals and introduce whole grains such as whole wheat, quinoa, buckwheat, barley and oats into you diet to see the best results.

Get An Added Boost To Look Even Better Aesthetically

To achieve ideal body contours, you don’t just want to slim down. You also want to improve tone and strengthen your core.

Aesthetic Singapore - EMSCULPT is

  • FDA Approved to eliminate fat and build muscle simultaneously​

  • Backed by 7 independent, multi-center studies from USA​

  • No surgery or anaesthesia required​

  • Completely non-invasive​

  • Minimal to no downtime​

  • No scarring

At a price of only $900 per Emsculpt session, which includes a consultation with Dr. Rohan Mendis, to advise and oversee your progress, a slimmer, stronger you is just around the corner.

Click here to make an appointment with Mendis Aesthetics today.

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