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Why Mendis Aesthetics Clinic?

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

Singapore Aesthetics Clinic - Selecting a reputable aesthetics clinic and doctor in Singapore to entrust your skin and aesthetics solutions with is a big deal. There a dozens of Singapore Aesthetics Clinic available providing a wide range of treatments to various skin challenges.

So, why should Mendis Aesthetics Clinic be at the top of your list? Let us elaborate more.

Dr Rohan Mendis

To put things plainly, Dr. Rohan Mendis is not new to the Aesthetics industry. A well-trusted name throughout Singapore, and even with our foreign clients and celebrities, he has been an Aesthetics Specialist for long enough to have a reputation among skincare enthusiasts.

His philosophy is to approach clients in a holistic manner that prioritises their well-being, and to use the latest Singapore Aesthetics Clinic technology to achieve excellent results.

The Practice

Being the foremost Singapore Aesthetics Clinic, clients can be assured that Mendis Aesthetics Clinic stays abreast with the newest technology and industry innovations, and offers an advanced range of services to deliver the most desired beauty outcomes. They strive to provide aesthetic solutions that builds your confidence while slowing down the aging process.

Latest Treatments

Which Singapore Aesthetics Clinic treatments are the latest and most popular?

Rejuran Singapore: Heal your ageing skin using the very effective and popular Salmon DNA. The treatment stimulates your cells to regenerate components of your skin.

Mosaic Laser: An advanced Singapore Aesthetics Clinic solution that delivers microscopic laser beams to both the surface and deeper layers of the skin, improving skin texture, tone and colouration.

Thermage: Lift, contour and define your skin with this quick and safe procedure that can help renew your body’s collagen to get rid of unwanted sags, bulges and wrinkles.

Emsculpt: This non-invasive treatment has been proven to eliminate fat and build muscle simultaneously, and focuses on the abdomen (tummy), buttocks, upper arms, love handles/flanks and thighs.

Botox Singapore: This reputable remedy needs no introduction. In addition to treating troubles on the surface of the skin like wrinkles and lines, Botox can also ease Bruxism, Migraines and Depression.


Mendis Aesthetics is located at a premium area along Orchard Road - in the posh, but discreet Mandarin Gallery. This is an excellent spot for clients who are looking for a mix of comfort and quiet when choosing their Singapore Aesthetics Clinic.

Value For Money

While stepping into any Singapore Aesthetics Clinic can be daunting and come across as costly, Mendis Aesthetics delivers unparalleled aesthetic results through thorough, personalised consultations and the use of the most effective, cutting-edge technology to ensure that you get the most bang for your buck, and long lasting results


Look Better, Feel Better, Be Better

Mendis Aesthetics offers non-surgical, non-invasive Aesthetic treatment options.

With over 20 years in achieving aesthetic excellence, book an Appointment with us to learn more.


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